Personal training

Personal Training is perfect if you are looking for a tailor made program exclusively designed for you, with one-on- one in depth coaching by experienced high- quality professionals.

Personal Training

Any goal can be achieved with Personal Training

Injury recovery
Recover from an injury, bridge the gap between medical treatment and exercise, or learn how to create an active lifestyle with a chronic disease.  

Quality time
Just quality time for yourself! Dedicated one-on-one in- depth coaching exclusively focused on your health and fitness.

Healthy pregnancy
Stay healthy and fit during and after your pregnancy. 

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle, boost your confidence, or do a start-up program to prepare for CrossFit workouts. 

Improve and learn
Improve your strength and endurance, and learn new skills and movements.

Total health package
Combine Personal Training with Lifestyle Coaching and CrossFit for the total health package!

Positive Health & Healthy Ageing

CrossFit philosophy and the concept of Positive Health: a dynamic concept in which taking control over your life and developing the strength and power to improve the quality of life are key. It is about resilience and adaptability to all the physical, mental and emotional challenges life throws at you. As we say in CrossFit: “be ready to expect the unexpected”.

We are convinced independance is the key to health and happiness. Learn how to stay healthy on your own power is Healthy Ageing.
"I continue to amaze myself how much more I can handle both physically and mentally thanks to CrossFit and lifestyle coaching at CrossFit Eudokia. Precisely because of the way of coaching at CrossFit Eudokia, you work on both physical and mental health. This makes me feel more balanced than I have in the past 10 years. I have been able to break unhealthy patterns. I got in great shape and improved my self-image!"
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"During my sessions of Personal Training, I was amazed by the progress. I honestly couldn't believe that being consistent and doing what seems like simple movements at the box and at home could bring me so far. The coaches at CrossFit Eudokia focus more on doing the movements correctly and that CrossFit is for everybody which has helped me in believing in myself."
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"I learned that pains and aches are inevitable especially since I am not in my 20s anymore. An injury or set back can never be 100% prevented. I learned it is about how you deal with it, by staying active and taking good care of myself with a positive mindset. All very valuable life lessons I learned during my Personal Training Program!And really great: Not only did I become much stronger and fitter, but I also had fun, learned new skills and got better at pullups. Strict Pull Ups with strong shoulders! And, I can finally work in my garden without any issues!"
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"CrossFit is purely about your own performance, becoming the best version of yourself. With all the attention to perform exercises safely and carefully. Excellence of movement! I really feel like I'm doing healthy ageing! "
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"For me, CrossFit Eudokia is a unique CrossFit box. No macho culture, no competitive vibe. The focus is on being your best, with committed, experienced and knowledgeable coaches to guide you. I'm already looking forward to getting back into it after giving birth!"
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High Quality Coaching

Our core value is high quality coaching, simply because we care about your well being! Our coaches are highly qualified internationally certified professionals in the field of health and fitness, CrossFit, Personal Training, lifestyle and nutrition, health psychology and coaching. Our team has over thirty years of experience.

We are specialised in coaching clients with injuries and chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and rheumatism. We are experts in healthy ageing and in coaching seniors.

We are an official CrossFit Affiliate, and accredited by the Dutch professional association for health and fitness as NL Actief Prevention Center. located at the monumental Hofbogen in Rotterdam.

We are also an Academy for Lifestyle and nutritional coaching, accredited by Dutch Quality Registration and Accreditation of Health Professionals, The Dutch Association of Lifestyle Coaches and The Dutch Association of weight consultants.  

CrossFit Eudokia Method for Personal Training

CrossFit Eudokia has a no nonsense evidence-based approach. We do not follow trends or hypes. We do what is scientifically proven effective and beneficial in health, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition. We work together with medics and paramedics.
The CrossFit Eudokia Method for Personal Training is a professional tailor-made approach with six steps:

No Sweat Intro

Coaching means working together, a perfect match is key! In the 20- minute No Sweat Intro, we discuss your goals and wishes, and your athletic and medical background. We explore if our approach matches your needs, and assess whether Personal Training can start immediately or a medical referral is required first.

Extensive start assessment

Personal Training starts with an extensive assessment to get full insight into your physical and mental health.

We discuss your motivation to reach your goals, set targets, and explore your mental strengths and challenges relevant to your training process.

We execute several health measurements and physical tests to get minsight into how your body is build, how it moves, and in its strengths and challenges  

Personal Training Program

Based on the results of the extensive start assessment we develop a tailor made Personal Training Program exclusively for you.

The duration of your Personal Training Program, and the frequency and scheduling of your training sessions are flexible in a way that suits your needs. Homework can also be included in your Program.

Integrated health care

If required, we work together with your physical therapist or medical practitioner to ensure the best health care for you. Your Personal Training Program is tailored to your needs.


At the end of your Personal Training Program, we evaluate your goals and wishes. Together we decide if a follow-up is preferred.

After care

Once you have reached your goals, CrossFit Eudokia is still here for you with Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Training and CrossFit.