Eudokia (Gr.): “well being; what is good and beneficial to someone, and is highly regarded.”

9 classes per month
€ 95,00 pm
* € 90,00 pm
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13 classes per month
€ 120,00 pm
* € 115,00 pm
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20 classes per month
€ 135,00 pm
* € 130,00 pm
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26 classes per month
€ 145,00 pm
* € 140,00 pm
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No- Sweat Intro
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On request
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Personal Training
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Lifestyle Coaching
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All memberships include:
- an annual preventive health scan
- an adapted training program in case of an injury, illness or pregnancy
- equipment free holiday workouts send to you when you're on vacation!

Monthly contracts have a commitment period of 3 calendar months.
Six-monthly contracts are paid at once (*payment rate), and the total number of credits for the duration of the contract is awarded at once.

There are several options for reimbursement of Lifestyle Coaching.
The conditions that apply to all contracts can be found in our Terms & conditions.