Our Story

Eudokia (Gr.): “well being; what is good and beneficial to someone, and is highly regarded.”

We care

We care about your wellbeing. Our main focus is to coach you to be the healthiest, fittest and happiest version of yourself. CrossFit Eudokia is an inclusive high quality box with an evidence based no nonsense approach and a biophilic design for optimal physical and mental wellbeing and performance. CrossFit Eudokia is fully accessible and equipped for everyone.
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Our philosophy: Create your own health

CrossFit Eudokia Life Science & Healthy Ageing Academy is founded from the belief that everyone can live a healthy life, but it is not equally easy for everyone. We are convinced everyone has the qualities and potential to reach goals and dreams.  CrossFit Eudokia is an Academy. We focus on your personal growth and coach you how unleash your potential and create your own health, fitness, strength and happiness in a way that fits your life.
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Our guiding principles

Our approach is routed from the CrossFit philosophy and the concept of Positive Health: a dynamic concept in which taking control over your life and developing the strength and power to improve the quality of life are key. It is about resilience and adaptability to all the physical, mental and emotional challenges life throws at you. In CrossFit we say: be ready to expect the unexpected.

We are deeply convinced that independence is the key to lasting results in health, fitness and happiness. Learning how you can live healthy on your own power and develop healthy habits for life, is Healthy Ageing. It is about maintaining and even increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains throughout life. That is CrossFit.

Meet the owners


Meyken has over 25 years of experience as an international certified lifestyle and nutritional coach, personal and group trainer and mental strength trainer. She is certified as life coach for seniors and a CrossFit Level 3 coach with several specializations. Meyken has a PhD in Social and Behavioral Sciences and among others a Master of Science in Human Resource Management with focus on vitality and sustainable employability.

Furthermore she completed a broad variety of master courses in several fields of sports, nutrition, lifestyle and coaching. Meyken also has a career in societal, policy and government research and advice. Currently she’s working on finishing her Master of Science in Health Psychology.


Bart has over ten years of experience as an international certified personal and group trainer and nutritional coach. Bart is a CrossFit Level 2 coach with several specializations. Bart has a Master of Arts in Social Sciences and a management career in public policy, government and change management.

Bart regularly performs as a moderator and coach for change management processes in governmental organizations, by using physical and mental elements from sports. Like no other, Bart is able to tell you how to live a healthier life with lasting results. Over a decade ago he lost 25 kg in six months and made a huge life change. From living a sedentary life, it is now a manner of course for Bart to take good care of himself; inspiring and coaching others in any way he can.

High Quality Hybrid Coaching

CrossFit Eudokia’s core value is high quality coaching. Our coaches are highly educated international certified professionals in the field of health and fitness CrossFit, lifestyle, nutrition, behavioral science and coaching. Our team has over thirty years of experience. 

Our hybrid coaching model combines in person and online coaching to give you the best of both worlds. We coach you in-person at our box, in small groups or one- on- one with personal training. You can also join our CrossFit workouts online. For the same personal quality coaching we will stream you live on our big screen. Lifestyle coaching is also offered in-person at our box and online from your own location. 

We are an official CrossFit Affiliate and Academy for lifestyle coaching, accredited by the Dutch Quality Registration and Accreditation of Health Professionals; the Dutch Association of Lifestyle Coaches and the Dutch Association of weight consultants. CrossFit Eudokia is associated with NL Actief. Since we are officially registered and accredited there are several options for tax deduction or reimbursement  by your health insurance.
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