Reimbursement of Lifestyle coaching

Investing in your health is the most valuable gift you can give yourself!

Accredited Coach

CrossFit Eudokia is an official CrossFit Affiliate and Academy for lifestyle coaching, accredited by the Dutch Quality Registration and Accreditation of Health Professionals, The Dutch Association of Lifestyle Coaches and The Dutch Association of weight consultants. CrossFit Eudokia is associated with NL Actief. Since we are officially registered and accredited there are several options for tax deduction or reimbursement:


Lots of employers offer their employees a financial budget for personal development. In most cases, the costs of lifestyle coaching are lower than the price of a regular course. Plus, lifestyle coaching is more effective because it’s tailor made. Furthermore, employers can reimburse the costs of coaching under the Dutch law Wet Verbetering Poortwachter.

Employer (sequel)

The goal of the Dutch law Wet Verbetering Poortwachter is to reduce long- term illness of employees by intervening quickly and effectively. Employer and employee are both obliged to make every effort to promote recovery. A healthy lifestyle contributes to this. For info, contact your employer.

Health insurer

Lots of Dutch health insurers offer reimbursement of coaching by a registered an accredited coach. For more info, please contact your health insurer or family doctor.

You are an entrepreneur

Costs for coaching may be tax deductible. For more info, please contact the Dutch Tax Office.


If you receive a Dutch social benefit by UWV, this organization provides funds for rehabilitation and reintegration. Lifestyle coaching may be reimbursed though an Individual Reintegration Agreement. Please contact UWV for more info.

Dutch tax authority

In some cases, the costs for lifestyle coaching can be tax deductible. The goal of the coaching should focus on changing your current position of improving your level of knowledge and skills you need to acquire or retain income from labor. Improving your physical and mental health can be part of that. For more info, please contact the Dutch Tax Office.