Lifestyle Coaching

Everyone can live a healthy life, but it is not equally easy for everyone. We coach you to unleash your potential and get healthy on your own power: the key to lasting results.
Create your own health!

Positive Health

Our approach is routed from the CrossFit philosophy and the concept of Positive Health: a dynamic concept in which taking control over your life and developing the strength and power to improve the quality of life are key. It is about resilience and adaptability to all the physical, mental and emotional challenges life throws at you.
Lifestyle coaching for healthy food  | CrossFit Eudokia

Evidence based no nonsense mindset

CrossFit Eudokia has a no nonsense evidence-based mindset. We are not into appearance, trends or hypes. We do what is scientifically proven effective and beneficial in health, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition. We work together with medics and paramedics.
"I never imagined this was possible: I lost 22 kilos and I feel healthy and fit. I have much more energy and my sleep has improved. Do not think it is impossible. You can do it too!
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"Meyken taught me a lot. Knowledge about nutrition, but that is not all. What goes on in your head has a much larger impact. And if you don't get that sorted out, you can try as many diets or menus as you like, but they will not succeed without adjusting your lifestyle."
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"My diabetes type 1 has improved significantly! Meyken coached me for three months on healthy nutrition. After I gave birth I couldn’t get rid of the last kilos. During the coaching I  lost 4,5 kilos, my glucose levels improved and I feel much fitter. Meyken’s coaching was about eating healthier without having to follow a strict diet. I got more insight into the needs of my body and now know how to live healthy on my own."
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"I went from 110 kg to 85 kg in 11 months! It takes a lot of discipline and shifting your mindset on food and exercise. Meyken opened my eyes and she kept pushing me to make the most of it. "
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"Meyken coaches me to develop a new lifestyle and to feel more at peace with food and my body. Not only does she listen. She also holds up a mirror and stimulates me to engage in a confrontation with myself."
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High Quality Hybrid Coaching

Our core value is high quality coaching, simply because we care about your wellbeing! Our coaches are highly educated international certified professionals in the field of health and fitness, CrossFit, lifestyle, nutrition, behavioral science and coaching. Our team has over thirty years of experience. Our hybrid coaching model combines in-person coaching at our box in Rotterdam, and online coaching to give you the best of both worlds. 

We are an official CrossFit Affiliate and Academy for lifestyle coaching, accredited by the Dutch Quality Registration and Accreditation of Health Professionals, The Dutch Association of Lifestyle Coaches and The Dutch Association of weight consultants.

CrossFit Eudokia is accrdited by the Dutch professional association for health and fitness to be NL Actief Prevention Center with specialised coaching for seniors and for clients with a chronic condition such as diabetes, obesity and congenital brain injury. .

Since we are officially registered and accredited there are several options for tax deduction or reimbursement by your health insurance.

CrossFit Eudokia Method for Lifestyle coaching

CrossFit Eudokia has an evidence-based method for lifestyle coaching. We do not follow hypes or trends. We coach you how to live a healthy lifestyle on your own power. 

A healthy lifestyle has different meanings from one person to another, because everyone is unique. There is no standard approach that works in the same way for everyone. The CrossFit Eudokia Method is a professional tailor-made approach that integrates all aspects of your life. The method has six steps:


Coaching means working together, a perfect match is key! In the 10- minute screening, we talk about your goals and wishes and if our approach matches your needs. We also assess whether the coaching can start immediately, or a medical referral is required first.

Extensive personal intake

Coaching starts with the extensive personal intake to get a comprehensive insight into all aspects of your current health and lifestyle, your goals and dreams, your qualities and potential.


In most cases we ask you to keep a diary for a few days, depending on your goals.

Treatment consult

A detailed analysis of the data from the intake and the diary is the basis for your tailor-made treatment (coaching) program. During the treatment consult, we present the analysis of your data and what next steps to take to reach your goals.

Follow- up consults

The screening, the intake and the treatment consult are three fixed components. From there on, you are in charge of the number of follow-up consults. During the follow-up consults we measure your progression and coach you to reach your goals with lasting results.


Once you have reached your goals, CrossFit Eudokia is still here for you. In an aftercare process we evaluate your healthy lifestyle one-time or periodically. We coach you to sustain or further improve your new healthy habits for life.