How to start with us?  Do a No- Sweat Intro!

Meyken Houppermans
Founder and Head Coach
Are you curious about CrossFit and Lifestyle Coaching?  Let’s turn your ideas into reality in four steps:

1.     Book a No Sweat Intro

The first step is to contact us to book a No Sweat Intro. This is a 20 minute one- on one- talk in person at our location*, with the primary purpose to determine how we can help you best. We like to learn a little bit more about you and your background in exercise and health, and about what you are looking for and want to achieve. We explain more about our approach to CrossFit and Lifestyle Coaching, and about the ins and outs of our box and our community.

CrossFit is for everyone regardless of age, abilities, impairments,or fitness. But that does not mean everyone likes CrossFit. We as health coaches feel a strong responsibility to help you with your own health journey. Whether that is with us and our group training, personal training or Lifestyle Coaching. Or by referring you to another CrossFit box or maybe another type of sport or coaching. So many people, so many flavors! Your box should feel like a safe haven, with your coach as your trustee. The place where you can be you, and have fun and grow to become to the best version of you!

2.     Become part of our community

After the No Sweat Intro you decide if you want to become a part of our community with a membership. CrossFit is about improving the quality of life, step by step. In CrossFit no training session is the same. Just one trial session would not fully reflect what CrossFit is and what it can do for you. Nevertheless already after about four weeks, you will experience the health benefits!

3.     Join our On Ramp Program

Your membership starts with our On Ramp Program. In two sessions we give you a short lecture on the concept and philosophy of CrossFit, followed by technique training (practice) of CrossFit’s foundational movements and Olympic lifts. The On Ramp program gives you a solid base to start our daily Workouts Of the Day (WODs). The On Ramp program is on us, as part of your membership. If you already have recent CrossFit experience at an official affiliate you can start our WODs right away.

4.     Congrats, you are now a true Eudokian!

After completing the On Ramp Program, you can call yourself a true Eudokian. Congrats on starting this amazing life changing journey! We wish you tons of fun and great achievements!

*At CrossFit Eudokia we strive to create a safe and healthy environment in the broadest sense of health and well-being, the best way we can. For our visitors, members, their family and friends, with or without a medical background. We are the first CrossFit box in The Netherlands accredited as NL Actief Prevention Center, offering a safe and specialised training environment for people with chronic diseases. That is why starting September 1st 2021, the CoronaCheck App upon entry of our location is part of our COVID-19 protocol that is published on our website.