How to start with us?  Book a No- Sweat Intro!

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer.
Founder and Head Coach
Is CrossFit for you? Are you curious about CrossFit, Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching? Let’s turn your ideas into reality!

CrossFit Eudokia is an inclusive CrossFit box and Academy for Lifestyle Coaching. How you identify yourself, your political preferences, your education, background, abilities, impairments, hair color, favorite food, if you like dogs or cats, are irrelevant. The only thing relevant is a good match between the athlete and the CrossFit box. This is key for optimal performance and what we explore during the No Sweat Intro. (Is CrossFit for you?)

 Step 1: Book a No Sweat Intro

The first step is to contact us to book a No Sweat Intro. This is 20 minute personal appointment at our location where we discuss your goals and expectations, and your athletic and medical background. We tell you all about our approach to CrossFit, Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching, and explore whether we are the right coach for you, or a referral to another coach or sports provider is more appropriate.

CrossFit can be for everyone regardless of age, impairments, or fitness. That does not mean everyone likes it, or that CrossFit matches your goals and current health status, or that our approach fits you. So many people, so many flavors! A good match between the athlete, the sport and the coach is key.

CrossFit Eudokia is accredited as NL Actief Prevention Center. We are specialised in coaching athletes with an impairment, injury and chronic disease such as diabetes, obesity, and rheumatic diseases. The No Sweat Intro is the professional assessment of whether CrossFit or Personal Training or Lifestyle Coaching with us is your best option at this time.

Step 2: Become a member

If there is a good match and we have a spot available, you can decide to become a member. or start Personal Training or Lifestyle Coaching.

We do not offer free trial classes. CrossFit is about improving the quality of life, step by step. No training session is the same. Just one trial would not fully reflect what CrossFit is and what it can do for you.

Step 3: Start the On Ramp

If you do not have CrossFit experience yet, your membership starts with the one-time On Ramp introduction course. We tell you more about the philosophy and methodology of CrossFit, and we practice the essential techniques of the CrossFit. This gives you a solid base to start our daily Workouts Of the Day. Personal Training and  Lifestyle Coaching start with an extensive personal intake.

Step 4: Congrats!

Congrats on starting your health journey! We wish you tons of fun and great achievements!

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