CrossFit can be a gift for life. Is CrossFit for you?

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
Head Coach and Founder
CrossFit can be for everyone. Is CrossFit for you?

CrossFit is one of the most versatile, challenging and fun sports. Never a dull moment!  

CrossFit is a coach-led training program centered around safety, effectiveness and longevity. We train to be ready for all challenges life throws at us, to stay strong and fit as we age.

CrossFit is physically very challenging, and mentally maybe even more. No doubt about that. You are being challenged. The saying Your workout is our warmup, might be true. And you need to like the heat of the kitchen, with the workout as the pressure cooker. 

You do not have to be fit or young to start CrossFit. Social media does not reflect reality. (The harmful image of CrossFit) CrossFit can truly be for everyone. Regardless of your fitness level, your age, or an impairment such as an injury, permanent disability or chronic disease. But it does not mean everyone likes CrossFit, or CrossFit suits your needs or wants. 

CrossFit is for everyone who wants to reach full potential by working really hard. For everyone who is ready to commit to a long- term health and fitness journey. For everyone who strives for excellence. For everyone who does not settle for less. Because we never quit or nag. We toughen up and make it happen! CrossFit is for everyone who is willing to be coached by professional coaches in a direct, honest and sometimes maybe a bit military style. We say Jump, you say How high. For everyone who's not afraid to be challenged and who is open to learn. And definately for everyone who wants to have a great time and feel really proud!

CrossFit can be hard, intense, overwhelming and demanding. We expect you to give it your all. To do the very best you can, and then a bit more! We are relentless and demand 100% effort and focus. We demand effort, not results. Always. Because that is what makes you better, stronger and fitter. Your well-being is our priority.

You can expect 100% dedicated professional coaching. Not sugar- coated. With workouts adjusted to your level and your needs. We take your health seriously and we expect you to do the same. Take responsibility for your training and health, take matters into your own hands and get the work done. Our saying: I can and I will. Amazing results will follow, we promise!  

CrossFit can help you grow as a person, physically, mentally and emotionally. It can be a gift for life!

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