Investing in your employees pays off. Healthy and happy people create successful businesses. CrossFit Eudokia advises you on the development and evaluation of evidence based corporate lifestyle policy. We also host lifestyle seminars, moderate business events and offer corporate workouts exclusively for your team.

Why invest in your employees?

Investing in the mental, emotional and physical health of your employees can have great preventive and curative benefits. It increases productivity up to 20 percent, improves the working atmosphere and reduces absenteeism. Healthy and happy employees have a greater change to extend their working life.
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Healthy powerful people for healthy successful companies!

One in six employees has burn-out symptoms and more than half of the Dutch population suffers from an unhealthy lifestyle and sleeping disorders. Thirty percent of all Dutch working women are going through the menopausal phase and over 80% of them suffer from symptoms that lead to sick leave from work. This can strongly affect your business. Corporate lifestyle policy enables your employees to invest in their health and therefor in your business.

"I continue to amaze myself how much more I can handle both physically and mentally thanks to CrossFit and lifestyle coaching at CrossFit Eudokia. Precisely because of the way of coaching at CrossFit Eudokia, you work on both physical and mental health. This makes me feel more balanced than I have in the past 10 years. I have been able to break unhealthy patterns. I got in great shape and improved my self-image!"
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"Meyken taught me a lot. Knowledge about nutrition, but that is not all. What goes on in your head has a much larger impact. And if you don't get that sorted out, you can try as many diets or menus as you like, but they will not succeed without adjusting your lifestyle."
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"My diabetes type 1 has improved significantly! Meyken coached me for three months on healthy nutrition. After I gave birth I couldn’t get rid of the last kilos. During the coaching I  lost 4,5 kilos, my glucose levels improved and I feel much fitter. Meyken’s coaching was about eating healthier without having to follow a strict diet. I got more insight into the needs of my body and now know how to live healthy on my own."
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"I went from 110 kg to 85 kg in 11 months! It takes a lot of discipline and shifting your mindset on food and exercise. Meyken opened my eyes and she kept pushing me to make the most of it. "
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"I feel relieved and at the same time strong because I know I can be in control. And I have learned an important life lesson, which is that I can provide the very best for others if I take care of myself first."
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Our approach

CrossFit Eudokia Life Science & Healthy Ageing Academy is founded from the belief that everyone can live a healthy life, but it is not equally easy for everyone. Our approach is routed from the CrossFit philosophy and the concept of Positive Health: a dynamic concept in which taking control over your life and developing the strength and power to improve the quality of your life are key points. It is about resilience and adaptability to all the physical, mental and emotional challenges life throws at you. 

Extensive scientific expertise

CrossFit Eudokia has extensive scientific expertise in the development and evaluation of evidence based corporate and public policy. With our broad experience in advisory positions in the public and private sector, CrossFit Eudokia has the gift to translates scientifically based insights into practical solutions for your company.
Our core value is high quality coaching, advice and research with a no nonsense mindset, simply because we care about your company and the wellbeing of your employees.

Policy advice and research

CrossFit Eudokia can advice you how to develop evidence based corporate policy in lifestyle, employability and vitality, and how to measure results and evaluate policy effectiveness. We do this from our extensive scientific expertise in policy research and our broad experience in advisory positions in the public and private sector.

Corporate seminars and business events

CrossFit Eudokia offers tailor- made corporate seminars on lifestyle, employability and vitality at your location, online or at our location in Rotterdam. With many years of experience in moderating organizational change projects, we also facilitate a ‘bootcamp in suit’ as a fun kickoff or booster for your business event.

Exclusive corporate workouts

Healthy and happy people create successful businesses. Working out together connects teams and business partners. CrossFit Eudokia offers you tailor-made corporate workouts, exclusively for your team of business club at our location in Rotterdam.

Vitality management

Vitality management means strengthening work capability, employability and vitality with good health, strong skills and a positive mindset. At CrossFit Eudokia we focus on opportunities and possibilities, health and growth.

Sustained employability

Sustained employability means giving your employees the opportunity to become the healthiest version of themselves so they can flourish and excel in their current and future job. The key to a successful business!

Ready for a healthy company?

Healthy powerful people create healthy successful businesses. The key to success in is to be vital, resilient and adaptive to all the challenges ahead. At CrossFit Eudokia we focus on health and personal growth in all aspects of life, by learning with and from each other. Healthy powerful people for healthy successful companies!