CrossFit Eudokia accredited to NL Actief Prevention Center

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
Founder and Head Coach
CrossFit Eudokia Life Science & Healthy Ageing Academy is the first CrossFit affiliate in The Netherlands to be accredited to NL Actief* Prevention Center.

Exercising with chronic condition

NL Actief Prevention Centers offer high quality coaching by specially trained professionals in a safe and enjoyable training environment for people with (an increased risk of) a chronic condition such as diabetes type 2, acquired brain injury, rheumatism and overweight/obesity, and post- COVID.

NL Actief Prevention Centers are part of the institutionalized health care system, by working together with other health professionals in the treatment and coaching of clients on physical, mental and emotional lifestyle aspects.  

CrossFit for seniors

Additionaly Crossfit Eudokia is specialist in Healthy Ageing: Staying fit and strong throughout life and staying active no matter your age. We offer high quality coaching by specially trained professionals for seniors of all ages. 

Our mission is to make healthy living accessible and within reach for everyone, with CrossFit in small group, Personal Training and accredited Lifestyle Coaching. ecause CrossFit is for everyone, regardless of age, impairment or fitness. (Is CrossFit for you?)

You do not have to be young, fit or super healthy to start CrossFit. You also do not need to be afraid of injuries or be intimidated by the rough image that does not reflect at all what CrossFit really is.

Under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced professional coaches and in small groups with like- minded people, you are guaranteed of a safe, effective and fun tailor made workouts and moreover of long-lasting health improvements. 

Book a No Sweat Intro

Interested or curious what we can do for you? You are more than welcome to contact us to book a No Sweat Intro. This is a 20 minute one- on one- talk in person at our location, with the primary purpose to determine how we can help you best!

Create your own health!© 

*NL Actief is the Dutch professional association of health and fitness.