Protocol on CrossFit with injuries, illness and pregnancy

Meyken Houppermans
Founder and Head Coach
Injury, illness or pregnancy? Keep doing CrossFit!
CrossFit Eudokia is accredited as NL Actief Prevention Centre. We are specialized in coaching athletes with an injury, chronic disease, and (post) pregnancy. Injury and illness are inevitable. Prevention and smart recovery are key. This is our protocol to keep doing CrossFit:

Why a protocol?

We care about your well-being. It is our responsibility to coach you on your long- term health and fitness journey, and we take that seriously. We do not and will not just randomly do stuff, we're pretty strict about that. Our approach is evidence based and centered around safety and long- term effectiveness.

The goal of our protocol is to ensure that you can keep doing CrossFit in a responsible, safe and effective manner within our training program, despite your injury or illness and during and after your pregnancy. Our protocol is the tool to keep progressing and to minimize decline during your injury, illness or pregnancy. This requires a thourough approach, it is your health!

Your health, our service

Staying active enhances recovery and is beneficial during and after pregnancy. We offer a tailor made adapted training program based on the diagnose of your medical specialist. This service is included in your membership without additional costs. We ask you to do the following:

Short-term injury (< 1 week)

This is an acute, unforseen, significantly limiting injury or illness that lasts for less than one week and requires adaptations of the WOD.

First, consider if working out is a good idea. In case you need an incidental adaptation of the WOD:

  • Email us at the latest on week days before 12 PM (noon) the day before you want to join the WOD (Tuesday before 12 PM for the WOD on Wednesday).
  • For emails received after 12 PM the day before you want to joint adaptations cannot be made for the next day.
  • For emails received during the weekend, adaptations cannot be made for Mondays.

Example 1: You fell off your bike on the way to the box and cannot bend your knee. Go see a doctor, do not workout.

Example 2: You had a fever yesterday. Then, wait at least twice the length of the duration of the fever before working out.

Long- term injury or (post) pregnancy

This is an injury that lasts longer than one week, or is permanent or recurring. The following also applies to (post) pregnancy.

An adapted training program means:

  • For the duration of your recovery, you can participate in the WODs with a tailor made program.
  • The program is developed only after we receive the medical diagnose and advice.
  • The program is offered only on agreed fixed training days, planned at least seven calendar days ahead.
  • It is your responsibility to sign up for those days. Please do no sign up on other days and only after confirmation of the adapted program.

What to do:

  • Step 1: Consult a medical specialist for a diagnosis and advice regarding exercise as soon as possible.
  • Step 2: Email us the following: 1) the medical diagnose and advice 2) the fixed days you want to join the WOD 3) the duration of your recovery.

Please keep in mind we need at least two week days to develop your adapted training program. This means:

  • Email us at the latest on week days before 12 PM (noon) two week days before you want to join the WOD. (Tuesday before 12 PM for the WOD on Friday).
  • For emails received after 12 PM adaptations cannot be made within that timeframe.
  • For emails received during the weekend, adaptations are made at the earliest for Wednesday.

In all cases

  • Please arrive ten minutes prior to the WOD, to discuss the adaptations
  • Please do not think ‘I’ll just try and see what happens, train lighter, or adapt on the spot'. We take your health serious. We do not adapt the WOD on the spot, or allow you to adapt on your own.
  • Please do not think: I'll just send them a text and it will be fine. Please read the first Headline: Why a protocol.
  • If you do not prefer to train on fixed days under our supervision, you can participate in the WODs you see as feasible without any adaptations at your risk.
  • Please keep informing us about your recovery, all info is relevant.

Good to know

  • Following up on medical advice, such as taking medication or consistently doing exercises of your physiotherapist, as well as not undertaking any contra- productive activities, all speed up your recovery.

When do adaptations not apply?

  • Muscle soreness is not considered an injury or illness, nor is being deconditioned after a period of inactivity, recovering from a cold, fear of certain movements, or any form of cherry picking. Interference with other activities you do, is also not a reason for adaptation.
  • Adaptations are not made if you undertake any contra- productive activities; if you do not follow up on (medical) advice regarding your injury or illness; if you do not consistently visit your practitioner or remain under treatment from, for example, your physical therapist; or if you do not follow up on this protocol.
  • The Skill WOD and Holiday WODs are excluded from adaptations.

Example 1: You ran a 10k yesterday and your calves are stiff.

Example 2: You renovated your house and your back is sore.

Example 3: You are hung-over and handstand pushups make you feel sick

Example 4: Our program interferes with other sports you play.


Pregnancy and CrossFit can go very well together, as long as you take specific precautions. Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can develop a suitable program for you, so you can keep participating in the WODs during and after your pregnancy.

Personal Training

We will always do our very best to keep you active and to offer you the adaptations you need within our training program. In case you have specific needs outside the framework of our program, we can help you with Personal Training.

Key note

CrossFit is for everyone, regardless of an injury or illness. High intensity sports require high maintenance! (Read more in this article) The key in prevention and treatment is to work together and to stay active. Take care of your health. Get treatment and adher to it (Read more in this article). We can help you to recover faster, have a healthy (post)pregnancy and keep enjoying CrossFit.