Can you workout with a fever?

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
Founder and Head Coach
Can you workout with a fever?

Outdoor is healthy

Working out regularly is good for overall health. It strengthens the body's immune system to become resilient to germs and bacteria. Especially being active outdoors in low temperature, rain and wind seems to have great health benefits. (Health benefits of vitamin G)

Although sometimes thought otherwise, working out outdoors does not increase the risk of getting a cold or another disease, under the conditions that:

-       You are not already infected with a virus

-       You are not exercising under extreme conditions

-       You stay warm by wearing sufficient clothing and you keep moving

Neck- check

Can you workout if you have a cold or a fever? Do the Neck- Check

Above the neck symptoms

Symptoms above the neck such as a running nose, sore throat, headache and ear pain are often symptoms of a cold. If you feel like it, you can workout safely.

Below the neck symptoms

Symptoms below the neck such as a cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, fever and muscle pain are often symptoms of the flu. It is advised not to workout at very high intensity, but you can still workout. (Can you workout with the flu?)


Fever is an absolute No- go. Working out slows down the recovery process, the body needs all the energy to recuperate. Working out with a fever can aggravate symptoms and can even lead to an infection of the heart muscle.


It is advised to wait two times the number of days the fever lasted before working out. For example: the fever lasted for 1 day, on Wednesday, and was gone on Thursday, then the first workout can be planned on Saturday.

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