Work together to lose weight

Meyken Houppermans
Founder and Head Coach
Research shows: Working out together improves health, performance and body weight!

Working out with others can help to develop healthy habits, and to stay motivated and keep going even when motivation is down (Motivation is an unreliable friend).

People tend to copy behavior and learn from behavior of friends, collegues and family. Seeing others workout can help to build confidence in our own abilities. The more we are convinced about our own abilities, the bigger the chance of success.

Working out with others can also help to tackle barriers that can eventually lead to a drop-out. Social pressure (people expect you to be there) helps to stay on track, and also to push a bit harder during the workout for example

It also seems that working out with others holds some benefits working out alone does not. Doing activities with others makes us feel more connected to the activity and to the people around us. This increases the chance of a more consistent and habitual exercise regime.

Furthermore, working out together stimulates other healthy behavior such as healthy eating. Women who exercise and eat healthy together lose 4,5 kg more body weight than women who are doing that on their own.


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