Two tips for extra motivation

Meyken Houppermans
Founder and Head Coach
Motivation is an unreliable friend. With these two easy tips, motivating yourself is a piece of cake!

Motivation is an unreliable friend. It is not always there when you need it, and it is hard to stay in contact with.

Two quick and easy tips to motivate yourself:

1. Set one specific and achievable mini goal, weekly

Block your calendar every week on a set day and time, to set one specific and achievable mini goal for that week.

For example: Every Sunday morning at 9AM your alarm goes off, as a reminder to write down your goal for that week. Such as: On Wednesday and Friday I am going for a walk for 45 minutes, at noon.

The smaller the goal and the more specific and achievable the goal, the bigger your chance of success. Setting a small goal feels do-able, compared to setting many big goals which can feel overwhelming and out of reach. Being specific helps to know exactly what you are going to do, when and how, increassing the chance of actually doing it. And achieving goals increases motivation to keep going.

2. Involve others

Sharing goals with friends, family and collegues and asking for support increases motivation and the chance of success. By involving others you're creating a support system that helps you to stay motivated.

For example: ask your friends to send you a text message every Wednesday and Friday to wish you lots of fun during your walk.

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