Benefits of face mask

Meyken Houppermans
Founder and Head Coach
The effects of wearing a facemask in relation to Covid-19 seem inconclusive. Our personal opinion? No harm no foul. Besides, exercising with a facemask might even give you physical and mental benefits


Some scientists claim wearing a facemask has little to know effect on the  spread of the virus while others claim the opposite, especially in  combination with other measurements like washing your hands regularly. Some  say wearing a facemask makes people less cautious of social distancing, while others claim the opposite. Our personal opinion? No harm no foul.  Besides, exercising with a facemask might even give you physical and mental  benefits.

Physical benefits

Wearing a facemask makes it harder to breath. It decreases  the amount of air into the lunges, and less air means less oxygen in the  bloodstream and muscles. You are out of breath quicker, you have less  strength and energy and lactic acid hits in faster. In a nutshell: your  performance goes down compared to not wearing a mask.

Your body needs a few weeks to adjust and to become more efficient in the  uptake and use of oxygen. Eventually it will adjust, and you will feel the  benefits by the time you can exercise without a mask: you will feel like Speedy Gonzales!

Mental benefits

Furthermore, wearing a mask can be a mental challenge as well:  Your performance goes down, you cannot do what you would normally do, you  might feel restricted physically and mentally. Your mind also needs a few  weeks to adjust if you put in some work. Instead of fighting against it,  hating it and framing it as a restriction, try to embrace it and see the  positive side of it: It might contribute to public health, your performance will  benefit from it in the long run and you’re challenging yourself mentally. All  aspects of health and growth!

So if you are still in doubt of wearing a mask: just try it,  no harm no foul!

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