Sustainable habits and 3kg lean muscle in 3 months!

Jan (30)
from Schiedam

I was always relatively active, doing some sports quite regularly. I also thought my diet
is reasonably OK. Nevertheless, I was never able to build up healthy muscle mass.
My life was an endless cycle of gaining and losing fat.

Two years ago I decided to try CrossFit. After the initial beginner improvements my
fitness level was stagnant on average-low level. At some point I decided to ask
Meyken to guide me how to eat, how to exercise, to have a lot of energy and become
stronger. After an intake I started following a food plan.

Initially it felt like I’m eating too much but very shortly I realized I have more energy, I
fatigue less, and surprisingly, I have an appetite for even more food! Over the time we
were adjusting food plan to meet growing energy demand. In less than a month I felt
like running on rocket fuel and this feeling is with me till today. In three months I
gained 3 kilo’s of lean muscle mass and my percentage of body fat dropped!
Was the change difficult? Not at all! Very quickly I felt the difference it makes. Why
would I eat a big chocolate cake instead of a nutritious dinner? It will taste sweet for 2
minutes and pleasure will end. After a healthy meal I feel full of energy for a few
hours. I fuel up my body with best quality fuel, the same way I’m fueling my car with
good quality gasoline.

Meyken put me on the right track to follow a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and eating
habits. This is a life-long journey but because I learned how to eat healthy and tasty, it
is easy to stay on the right path. Without Meyken I would still be blindly walking in