CrossFit is only about you!

Maurits (55)
The very first step of getting fit(ter) is to show up. And that should be only about you.

The main reason for me to start with any kind of gym was my age. At a certain age (although I’m mentally in my mid-thirties) you need to build extra muscle mass because you lose muscle mass when you get older, including the ensuing negative effects - that I knew.

What to do?

Some online research and some positive experiences shared by two of my nephews, led to CrossFit. I passed the CrossFit Eudokia box several times a week (it’s on my fastest route to town) and it looked pretty firm - and friendly at the same time. So why not try the No-Sweat Intro? A week later I entered the On Ramp, two days after that I hit my first WOD. ‘What have I got myself into?’ - I asked myself the day after when trying to put my jacket on. A simple task that made sure that every muscle made it loud and clear that I had had a proper workout. They woke from hibernation, I guess. 

Soon enough (after about two/three weeks) I experienced the first benefits: my staying power grew rapidly and I started (slowly but steadily) to gain some muscle mass. Some. I started to like CrossFit and I was not the only one: My whole body seems to benefit from the exercise and training. And I just kept on going, it became a routine but without the bore. Even on holidays I followed the holiday-tailor-made-WOD-program, with local challenges and local weights. WOD by WOD, step by step I became fitter and my posture changed (in a positive way).  

It got personal

It’s nice and all that, but I still had the feeling that much of the built-up energy wasn’t stored in a proper way. In other words: An energy leak - but what is that leak and how can I stop it? Reason enough for me to start personal lifestyle coaching, also at CrossFit Eudokia. The leak became clear. In my case: being a TOFI and - at the same time - way too little food gettin’ in. My body tried to keep up with the new regime of training but not with the proper fuel - it was like riding 90 km/u in second gear. Not good.

I started to live by Meyken’s dietary advice, in combination with other interventions in my life (such as adapting my sleeping routine). And - guess what - my energy level went up, I lost bad fat and gained good weight. It remains a challenge to stick to what works and at the same time not to be too harsh on myself. And that’s okay. 

What is there to like?

Well, alot. First: the sheer range of exercises combined with the element of surprise. You never know what your workout is going to be like. You’ll know it will be intense and challenging, you can be sure of that. Second: all the coaches challenge you on your level, they’ll notice your limitations and your progress. For them it’s only about you. Third: in my experience, getting fitter is beneficiary for many aspects in life.  

None of these benefits would come to full blossom without the dedication, professionalism, attention, keen eyes, the right amount of encouragement (and wrong amount of curious musical taste) from my coaches. They know their shit. They are kind but not soft. They’re strict but not harsh, they choose motivating over drilling and they respect you every time you enter the box.

Because you show up: The very first step of getting fit(ter). And that should be only about you.