Inner voice versus social media: who wins for success?

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
Founder and Head Coach
Wouldn't it be amazing when you can do in daily life what you actually dream of doing? When you follow your inner voice, regardless of what others might think or what is on social media?

Inner voice

Time off such as a holiday, or major life events such as the loss of a loved one, are the times in life when we reflect on daily life and on our dreams and goals. Those moments can help to clear the mind, to create more head space, and to detach from daily distractions. Things that seemed important such as meeting a work deadline, suddenly become trivial. Those are the times we give space to our inner voice that speaks to us abvout our needs and wants, about the things that truly make us happy.

After a short period of time, we slide back into daily life, get overwhelmed by all kinds of distractions, and our inner voice is shut down. What at one time was considered great dreams and goals, is now considered unrealistic. Although the greatest ideas and insights pop up at times when we’re just wondering around doing nothing but listening to our inner voice. (More musing for better performance)

Wouldn't it be amazing when you can do in daily life what you actually dream of doing? When you follow your inner voice, regardless of what others might think?

Social media, success and failure

In daily life, we often feel the need to define and display our success in terms of our latest achievements in business and career. Does that actually reflect success and happiness?

Posts on social media are used to share victories, but there is also a downside. It can implicitly be a breeding ground for negative stress. Such as constantly comparing ourselves to others; the fear of missing out; the idea we need to live up to certain expectations we think others have; or the assumptions we must excel in everything we do all the time.

Failure, insecurity, self doubt and loss are all parts of life. Not the most pleasant parts, but probably the most beneficial parts. Struggles in life help us learn and grow, they help us to connect to others, and they make life interesting and unique.

Posting these parts on social media is rare. It feels vulnerable and maybe weak. It might even feel like a threat: Maybe by posting your doubt and insecurity, others think you are not capable of doing your job.

It might be very refreshing when people not only share accomplishments on social media, but also about what did not work, what did not happen how many attempts and hard work something took; or what totally failed. Think about the effect that would have on how we would feel about our own success and our own dreams and goals and the degree to which they are within reach or unrealistic.

Define your own success

Social media can drive us further away from what, in my opinion, life and success should be about: Being true to your inner voice. Not getting distracted by anything that shuts that voice down. To be happy and healthy, it is important to find out your definition of succes and then try to live up to that and be your authentic self.

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