How to avoid Easter pounds?

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer.
Founder and Head Coach
Easter often equals chocolate eggs, easter bread, long brunches and family visits. How to avoid weight gain during Easter? Five tips!

1. Easter days, not Easter week

Do your Easter shopping for two days, not for an entire week.  Because all those chocolate eggs you have left after Easter, irrevocably will disappear, in your mouth.

2. Act normal

Keep up your regular eating regime. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and an occasional snack. That reduces the risk of going all out and ensures your body gets all the good vitamins and minerals it needs.

3. Have a plan and involve your friends

Have a plan on what you are going to do to stay active during Easter and what and when you are going to eat and to what degree you want to snack of drink.

For example:

- Check the menu of the restaurant you go to, to decide upfront what you're going to eat. That prevents you from getting overwhelmed in the moment.

- If you have a brunch date, have a light breakfast. If you have a late lunch, have a small healthy snack at your ‘regular’ lunch time.

- Plan your meals as much as possible and as close as possible to your regular regime. Avoid not eating for too long. That increases the risk of overeating later on.

Ask your friends and family to work with you on making it a healthy Easter. You might be surprised on how many positive and supportive reactions you will get.

For example:

- Agree on limiting the amount of food everyone brings to Easter events.

- Decide to go for a long walk of other activity together

4. Put vegetables and fruit in sight

Food that is in your sight, will be eaten. That applioes to chocolate eggs, but also to vegetables and fruit. An easy trick to stay healthy.

5. Move around

Go outside, take a walk, and stay as active as possible during these days.

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