From 110 kg to 85 kg in 11 months

Michiel (46)
from The Hague
Why am I overweight? Meyken opened my eyes and I lost 25 kg in 11 months!

Who would have thought? Well, certainly not me. I was mid forty, had a busy job, a family life, and I played sports regularly. Why am I overweightr? I eat healthy, spend a lot of time outdoors, bike to work, love my beers. The good life, right?

Meyken opened my eyes to my nutritional habits. And she kept pushing me to make the most of it.

During the first month, my family regularly shouted: “Probably can’t have that because of that woman, right? But after 11 months, the kids eat more healthy and are even stricter than Meyken is: “Dad,  are you sure you can eat that?” is what they ask me nowadays. Meyken is not just strict, she is also very motivating when you feel a bit lost.  

Anyway, the result? I went from 110 kg to 85 kg in 11 months! It takes a lot of discipline and shifting your mindset on food and exercise. But I am definitely sticking to Meyken’s motto: nourish your body instead of just filling it up.

Thanks very much Meyken!