Does your handsome face make you a beautiful person?

Michelle (31)
from Westmaas
What goes on in your head has a much larger impact.

Hi! My name is Michelle, I am 31 years old and I love sports. I prefer to run but actually there is no sport that I do not like. Besides running I like to do CrossFit and yoga, and I also cycle, swing, sail and ski.

I came into contact with Meyken after the recommendation of a colleague. I wanted to get more out of my sport by improving my diet. I would almost say by being more aware of my food, but I was actually already.

After an introductory meeting, I started tracking my food in an app for a number of weeks and I informed Meyken about my sports intensity. Based on an analysis of that data, she compiled a sample menu for me to work with. This was a shock. There was a huge gap between what thought I was eating and was supposed to eat versus the sample menu.

In the beginning I was incredibly happy because I could eat whatever I wanted. Who would not want that? In addition, I kept track of how I felt, how my energy level was, whether I was hungry or not and whether I had cravings. The results were very positive: I was not hungry, had a lot of energy and hardly any cravings.

But, if for years you have been deliberately trying not to eat too much, your world is suddenly going upside down. So it was not all peaches and cream! I gained some weight and felt fat.

I think this is the bigges tfight for me in which Meyken still coaches me. If you are 'slim' and gain weight, people respond by saying you look good. That is not easy. I am aware that I cannot travel around the world on an empty tank. But my beliefs, thoughts and feelings about what a healthy weight is and what a “good”weight is, don’t always match up.

Meyken taught me a lot. Knowledge about nutrition, but that is not all. What goes on in your head has a much larger impact. And if you don't get that sorted out, you can try as many diets or menus as you like, but they will not succeed without adjusting your lifestyle. Furthermore, we are all so very focused on appearance, but does your handsome face make you a beautiful person?