Do light products make you fat?

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
Founder and Head Coach
Do light products make you fat? Yes and no… Read the exact story behind this.

What is light?

A product is light when it contains 30% less calories, fat or sugar compared to the That does not mean the light version always contains less calories. It is possible that the light version contains up to 30% less fat, but the total number of calories remains virtually unchanged, because there are other substances added such as sugar.

Do light products increase hunger?

It is not scientifically proven that hunger increases by eating light products or sweeteners. No effect is found of sweeteners on glucose- or insulin blood levels.

What might be the case is that, people get hungry because their total daily caloric intake is lower. But that has nothing to do with the light product as such. It is a result of simply ingesting less energy.

Do light products make you fat?

No, in itself light products do not lead to weight gain. A slice of bread with regular Dutch peanut butter contains almost the same amount of calories as a slice of bread with the light version of the Dutch peanut butter. Furthermore, eating products with less calorie, means less energy intake which often results in weight loss.


Research has shown that we often don’t exactly know how many calories we eat per day. Also, whenever we have a meal with less calories we automatically and unconsciously compensate later that day with a meal with more calories. And that offset leads to a steady body weight.

In addition we often eat more of a light product, simply because it is light. Furthermore, it turns out that after a period of time, we do not only eat more of that light product, but also of the regular product. So people who drink a lot of diet cola and eat a lot of light peanut butter, will eventually also drink more regular cola and eat regular peanut butter. And those who eat more, have a greater risk of weight gain.

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