Most boring tip ever to prevent December kilo's!

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer.
Founder and Head Coach
Boring but best tip ever, to prevent end-of-year weight gain: "Away with it!"

It has become an annual tradition at the end of a year: The struggle with December weight gain and the bomb of tips from health gurus. We should avoid all the chocolate, eat only veggies for Christmas, drink more water etcetera. All well- meant tips, but hard to apply in daily life.

We have the most boring but best tip ever:

Away with yourself and your food

Pull yourself out of your house or where-ever you are. Spent time outdoor as much and as long as possible. Not because you will burn that much calories walking (on average 1  Christmas chocolate per kilometer), but simply because you are far away from temptations.

December has three days of fun (four if you include the Dutch Sinterklaas). Two days of Christmas and one New Years Eve. This leaves 27 regular days.

Stop snacking immediately after Boxing day and after New Years Eve. Do not buy a huge amount of food, only for those three days. Do not buy anything too far in advance. Give away your leftovers. You do not have to eat the leftovers all by yourself, you’re not a garbage bin.

Boring, but so simple: Away with it!

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