How to deal with stress at work?

Meyken Houppermans, PhD. CrossFit Level 3 Trainer.
Founder and Head Coach
How to deal with stress at work? How to deal with the feeling you must keep up with the hectic workflow? All those feelings can lead to chronic stress and burnout, and to chronic disease such as heart failure and obesity.

This is simply how my company operates

A fully packed agenda, bulging mailbox, ongoing messages on your phone, and no time for lunch. Because this is simply how your organization operates. How to deal with work- related stress and the feeling you must keep up with the hectic workflow because you think otherwise you fail...get fired...miss out on an order... miss a job opportunity…let your colleagues down…

If this situation lasts for months, you feel out of control, and your tasks and job demands do not match up with your capacity and energy, then chronic stress may develop. Chronic stress can lead to  chronic diseases such as heart failure, obesity2, chronic low grade inflammation, burnout and other mental health issues. Some of those diseases can have to irreversible health damange.

Change yourself, not your situation

Addressing stress at work may be very hard to do. Maybe the workload and high demands are the norm within the company, or maybe talking about how you experience your work is not done within the company culture. Although addressing the topic is advices to do, when a company supports employees wellbeing, it is also fact that you cannot always change the circumstances you are in. You actually can change the way you deal with it.

When you want to experience less stress at work, ask yourself the following three questions:

1. What is my true value?

2. What do I win if I say no to this request?

3. What do I sacrifice if I say yes to this request?

These three questions can help to mentally detach from the overwhelming workflow; to take a step back and put work demands into perspective. They can help to make more well balanced decisions regarding your actions and the management of your energy. They can also help to feel more in control and to stay more close to your true self. This is beneficial for lowering work related stress and increase the fun of the job.

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