You can do it too!

Annelies (60)
from Barendrecht
Do not think it is impossible. You can do it too!

It started, when I asked my son about his lifestyle coach and whether that could be something for me. I’ve always been on the heavy side and never thought I could weigh under 100 kg.

I made an appointment with Meyken and really had to face myself. In 2003 I had a severe hernia, in 2008 I broke my ankle and in 2010 I fell of a roof. The calcaneus fracture healed reasonably, but the pain was chronic and intense.

During the coaching I learned how to make healthy choices even when going to a restaurant. During our vacation in Italy, I even dared to ask the resort to take into account our healthy food preferences. (‘our’ because my husband joined me). Every day the staff was more than happy to help us. And on my holiday in the USA with a friend we also took up the challenge together.

This is actually the key point: The choices you think are impossible to make, are actually really doable!

Exercise is also a necessity and I still need to make more time for that because it makes you feel better and gives you more self-confidence. The taste of my food is more pure and you don’t need to add additives. It tastes good!

I never could have imagined this. You always think: Oh poor me, I eat so little yet I’m still too heavy. But it really doesn’t have to be like that!

I lost 22 kilos land am now on a stable weight. I feel much better, have much more energy and my sleep has improved. I get many compliments and everyone wants to know how I did it. It actually wasn’t really that hard! Meyken advised me:  just tell others you have a goal!

 I am very grateful and can really recommend Meyken: Do not think you can’t do it, you can!