Own your health, own your lifestyle!

Sheena (28)
from Rotterdam
Everyone deserves to feel amazing about themselves!

I came across Meyken two years when I started CrossFit and immediately liked Meyken’s pragmatic approach to training and marginal improvements.

To take a step back, I have always struggled with body confidence and never felt comfortable in my own skin despite exercise having been a priority in my  life. When I first started speaking to Meyken about this, I had no idea of  the kind of journey I was embarking on. Meyken’s approach to health and fitness is a holistic one. Yes, you might be thinking you know what I’m talking about – but you don’t until you embark on this journey!

With her background in health psychology combined with her experience in sports and  fitness, Meyken guides you into reviewing habits, triggers behind certain behaviours and especially proposes pragmatic steps that can be implemented to overcome these (because let’s face it, we all have struggles that unknowingly impact our health!). She takes the time to explain the science behind why you should implement certain things when working towards your health.

As much as I hate to get caught up in numbers, I can proudly say I’ve lost 12kg in 7 months whilst having fun, enjoying food, building healthy habits, quitting smoking and of course having an amazing coach who is truly dedicated and  compassionate! However, the biggest achievement by far has been how I see  myself and the confidence it has brought me to take on other challenges in my  life. My relationship with food is much healthier than it has ever been and I  now nourish my body to train harder!

Meyken has a clear why – bringing health and fitness everywhere. This is clearly seen in her numerous successes as a coach but also how she embodies health herself. Meyken has taught me that all big changes start with small steps and everyone is capable of owning their lifestyle and feeling great about themselves.

I could  never be grateful enough to Meyken for the lifechanging impact on my life. I  truly hope that you will decide to let Meyken guide you through your health  journey because everyone deserves to feel amazing about themselves! Own your health, own your lifestyle!